Transportation Quilt

This is a quilt my mom pieced that I quilted.  I’ve titled it the “Transportation Quilt”.

Whole Top

The top is beautiful!  It’s an eight-pointed star made from solids giving me loads of empty space to quilt in.

Center of Top Detail

I think I had the most fun with this center part.  You can see my caterpillar twister design in action in the blue and green triangles here.

Top Detail 02

I did my moose antler meander in all the white spaces.

Top Detail 03

And within the printed fabric in the corners I did a water ripple design.


This is a shot of the back.

Back Detail 01

I think it’s really fun when you see the quilting from the back.

Back Detail 03

It’s neat to see the blocks on the back, but the quilting that matches the front.  The way they interact is interesting.

Back Detail 04

You can see a little bit of just about each different design of quilting just in this one block.  The orange peel looking thing you see is in the yellow squares on the quilt top.

Back Detail 02

Have I mentioned that I love the caterpillar twister?  I think it’s a really fun, organic quilting design that isn’t quite as feminine as some seem to be.  I love swirls, but they seem to lean towards the feminine side to me.

If you like what you see and would be interested in having me quilt something for you, please visit my Services page for more information.

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