Whoooo’s There?

I am expecting a new little in my life in a few weeks.  Well, not me specifically expecting, but my sister-in-law is expecting baby #3 soon.  Her first two babies are boys, but they decided not to find out the gender of #3 before he comes.  (I’m guessing boy, but I’m a terrible guesser of these things.)  When new little people come my way, I like to make a quilt of some sort to greet them.  The quilts aren’t always on time (sorry Natalie), but if it’s a special baby, it needs a special quilt.  This is the first baby I’ve made a quilt for before knowing the gender.  That makes it hard!

Whole Top

My toddler and I went to JoAnn’s in search of fabric for this project.  I picked out 4-5 focus fabrics I liked and let him choose between them.  He loves owls, so this is what we went with.  It’s so much easier to pick something when someone else does it for you.  Since Daniel (my little guy) almost always accompanies me to the fabric store, this may become my new go-to method.

The two older brothers to this new baby both have log-cabin quilts I made for them.  Logan’s quilt (Boy #1) was a fairly traditional log cabin with a very muted color palette.  Gabe’s quilt (Boy #2) had all right-angles, but they were of different widths and I left myself loads of negative space to free-motion quilt in.  I had come across this image on Pinterest a while back and it inspired me to do a triangular-ish quilt for baby #3.  I love improv quilting and used that method for these blocks.

Detail 01

I left the centers with the owls un-quilted.  In the white I quilted pebbles.  I love the way pebbles look.  They create an awesome texture.  I think though, sometimes they get overpowering and should pretty much be done in small areas like this for most projects.  And they take a while to quilt.

Can you see the thread I chose?  I think this might be my new favorite.  It’s So-Fine #50 in a really, really light grey.  I was afraid it might stand out against the white, but I’m really happy with the way it blended.  It blends really nice with the tan fabric here too!  I used the same thread on the Transportation Quilt I posted about earlier.

Detail 02

In the tan I quilted a wood grain.  This is a really fun design to quilt and I love the texture it creates.  Can you tell I’m a tactile person?!


The back is a yellow-ish green flannel.  I love flannel backed quilts.  I can’t wait to see this next little sprawled out on this one.

And some specifics in case you’re into that sort of thing:

  • Fabric: Miscellaneous fabrics from JoAnn’s
  • Size: 36″x48″
  • Thread: So-Fine #50 in a very light grey.
  • Quilting Designs: Wood Grain & Pebbles.

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