A Dark and Mysterious Mystery

I posted about another mystery quilt my mom gave me to quilt in an earlier post.  This one is a more recent quilt than the last one I shared.  I believe she made this one through a set of classes at the Country Sampler quilt shop in Omaha.


This quilt was really, really, REALLY hard to photograph.  My first problem was the size.  This quilt was HUGE and I’m not very tall.  Without climbing on top of my house and looking down at it, I don’t think there was any way I could get a good shot of the whole top of this one, but I think the photograph above gets most of it so you can see.  The camera didn’t love that there wasn’t a ton of contrast between the fabrics, but the fabrics each had a lot of contrast within themselves.  Does that make sense?

Top Detail 03

No?  Look a little closer… the black fabric has a really high contrast with the dots printed on it.  I think the problem is that there is so much contrast on such a small scale that it visually vibrates that it’s hard to look at in a photograph.  I could also be that the camera had a hard time trying to document it and it’s not just my eyes that are the issue here.

Top Detail 02

Since the fabrics in this one would have made it really hard to see any sort of quilting, we decided on a pantograph for this one.  We settled on one from Urban Elementz called “Funky Feathers – Petite“.


You can kind of see the quilting on the back side of this if you look at the shadows.  I chose a gold color of so fine #50 thread that blended nicely and didn’t take away from the piecing.

And don’t forget if you’re interested in having me quilt something for you, I have grand opening sale going on through the rest of October.  See this post for details.

Happy Quilting!

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