A Shiny Mystery

I think it was 2010 when my husband, my parents and I all went to the Chicago International Quilt Festival.  We all got cozy and shared a hotel room for a few nights.  My mom and I both took a few classes at the festival and one of them that she took was to make a mystery quilt.


If you’ve never done a mystery quilt before, here’s how they work…  You are given the fabric requirements for the quilt top you are going to make and you come in not knowing what you’ll be leaving with.

Top Detail 01

My mom picked these really shiny fun prints to take to class with her.

Top Detail 05

And then 3 years later the quilt top still sat there.  And then I bought a long arm and she gave it to me to finish for her.  Wasn’t that nice?

Top Detail 04

I tested out my banana leaf flower design you see here.  You can see this design and others listed on my services page here.  This design was inspired by a drawing in the Modern Quilting Designs book by Bethany Pease.  If you’re a quilter and looking for some inspiration, this book is one of my favorites.

Top Detail 03

I really like the way it turned out on this quilt.  It’s a fun design to quilt, too!


The back of this quilt is pieced.  I love pieced backs.  They are so much more interesting and I always imagine a quilt on top of a guest bedroom and somebody sleeping under a quilt and finding the surprise on the back.  I don’t know why I think of that or where that scenario came into my head from, but I’m always excited for the hypothetical person in my non-existent guest room to find a fun back of a quilt.

Back Detail 02

The quilting really shows up on the dark brown.

Back Detail 01

This quilting design would be a good one to use on something with a lot of negative space.  I think it’s distracting on a quilt that has a lot of piecing to it and wouldn’t be very complimentary to something with a lot of focus on the piecing.  It’s great for large spaces that need something interesting to fill the space in.

Don’t forget if you’re interested in having me quilt something for you, I have grand opening sale going on through the rest of October.  See this post for details.  Happy quilting!

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