Patriotic Postage Stamps

Can you guess where this quilt came from?  Yep!  This is another one of my mom’s quilts that was sitting around waiting for me to quilt it for her.


If I remember correctly, this one has been waiting quite some time.  It’s cute though, don’t you think?  I kind of like the way the 9 patches in the corner look like they are taking a bite out of the red border.

Top Detail 02

I already gave this quit back, but I think the pieces are each aobut 1.5″ finished.

Top Detail 01

I tried out a hooked spiral all-over design that I found in Angela Walter’s first book.  I think it came out pretty cute on this quilt since the pieces are so small, this quilt wasn’t asking to have fancy custom designs on it.  I’ll need to practice this one a little more before I feel comfortable enough to offer it to you all, though.


The back was this really soft flannel with a floating block. left-over from the front.

Back Detail

And how cute is this flannel?!  I love the cowboy bears.

Don’t forget if you’re interested in having me quilt a project for you, now is the time.  See my previous post to find out about the Grand Opening Sale that’s going on through the end of October.

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