Michael’s Bristers Quilt

Michael and I have been friends since the 7th grade.  We met in orchestra class.  We are also both very good friends with Tammy & Amber.  In our first year of college, I kind of found quilting.  The very first quilt I ever made was for Michael’s nephew, Iain.  That first Christmas in college, I made 3 cooridinating (very girlie) trip around the world quilts; one for Tammy, one for Amber, and one for me.  Not wanting to leave Michael out, I started on a quilt for him.  That was in early 2003.  I vaguely remember planning to give it to him for his birthday.  That would have been the end of January 2003.  In case you haven’t checked the calendar lately, it’s now November 2013.

Top - Whole

Well, I finished the top of somewhere along the line.

Top - Detail 2

I know the top was done before we moved to Kansas City.  That was 6.5 years ago.  I’m pretty sure it was probably finished before I moved to Lincoln, Nebraska.  That was a little more than 9 years ago.  Top - Detail 1

For some reason I just couldn’t bring myself to finish this one.  Looking back on it, I think it was probably because I needed my skills to catch up with what was in my head for this quilt.  At the time I only knew how to tie quilts and just knew this one needed something more.  I didn’t even know how to bind quilts.  The ones I did up until probably 2007 were just stitched around the edges and flipped right side out.  


Finally, my skills caught up with my mind.  This was the first quilt I did on my long arm.  I designed the paisleys you see.  The leaves are an Angela Walters design that I borrowed.

Back - Detail 2

I love the feathers I put in some of the paisleys.  I kind of wish I had done feathers in all of them.  

Back - Detail

And I think the leaves turned out nice, too.

Back - Non Label

I think I’ve mentioned before about my terrible habit of not making labels.  I just used a marker to write on this one.  In case you can’t read it in the photo it says, ” ‘Bristers’ Finally completed in November 2013 for Michael Heller by Jessica Toye.”  And in if you’re wondering what “bristers” means, it means brother-sisters.  I’m not really sure who named it or why, but that’s what we’ve been calling this quilt for a very long time.  It seemed wrong to call it anything else at this point.

I’m happy to say that my longest UFO is finally finished!  Almost took me 11 years, but it’s done!  It’s far from perfect, but it’s finished!  Now if I could just make him that wedding quilt I promised him.  (They just got married in 2012, so I still have some time to make their 2nd anniversary.

Happy quilting!


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