A Quick Little Baby Quilt

I mentioned a few days ago (in this post) that I was working on a little baby quilt.  This was just a practice project I was working on to work on my ruler work & try a new quilting design or two.  I had pinned this tutorial a while ago to one of my pinterest boards.  This quilt top took me no time at all.  I think I might have finished it in one nap time, but I can’t remember for sure.  If it took longer than that, it wasn’t by much.  I used up some fat quarters I had bought at a KCMQG meeting that Marmalade Fabrics had sponsored a while ago.  Since they were just sitting around waiting to be used I thought I might as well chop into them with or without a need for a quilt.

In Progress 03

I used my long-arm to quilt it up.  It went really quickly!  I love making baby quilts.  They’re pretty close to instant gratification.

In Progress 02

I think the photos from underneath are really cool.  I love the way the light shines through the fabric and the holes from the needle.  This backing is too dark and the top too light, but when the opposite occurs (darker on top, lighter on back) you can see both sides of the quilt at the same time.

In Progress 01

Front 01

The top is pretty simple.  I’d even call it borderline bland with the two-toned fabric line.  I love the orange pop against the turquoise, though.

Front - Detail 04

Front - Detail 03

Front - Detail 02

Front - Detail 01

I really like the back of this one.  Simple, but with some spunk!

Back 01

Don’t you think the textures I quilted are pretty cool?

Back - Detail 01

The snail pearl sort of looking things were new to me.  I dig the way they turned out.

Back - Detail 05

Back - Detail 03

I LOVE the wavy grid.  I think it adds such a cool texture.

Back - Detail 04

Back - Detail 02

You can’t ever have enough bubbles, right?


Size: 34″x42″

Pattern: Fat Quarter Baby Quilt Tutorial by Two Little Banshees.

Fabric: Summerville by Lucie Summers.  Carrot (I think) is the Kona orange color.  The back is a solid turquoise flannel and a stripe of an orange flannel from JoAnna’s.

Thread for quilting: Some ivory colored RA Thread I got with my long arm.

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