Pinwheel Sampler

WARNING!  This post is super photo heavy.

I started quilting this quilt for my mom several weeks ago.  It took me a while because you know… Christmas happened.  And then my favorite little boy turned two.  TWO!  How did that happen?  Well, anyway… we had to have a party to celebrate and this mama was busy with other things, so this quilt took a while to finish.

In Progress 01

Probably didn’t help too much that I had a few tension issues and had to pick a bit of it out.

In Progress 02

I like to take sneak peek photos of things I’m working on.  I think it’s kind of fun to see how things progress.  Follow me on instagram if you’d like to see more random photos like these and various other things.


This quilt is a monster.  I didn’t measure it, but I didn’t have a space big enough to lay it out and get a good picture of the whole thing at once, thus the not so great photo above.  I did however take photos of each individual block.  Here’s the 16 blocks that make up the top.

Large Pinwheel 16

Large Pinwheel 15

Large Pinwheel 14

Large Pinwheel 13

Large Pinwheel 12

Large Pinwheel 11

Large Pinwheel 10

Large Pinwheel 09

Large Pinwheel 08

Large Pinwheel 07

Large Pinwheel 06

Large Pinwheel 05

Large Pinwheel 04

Large Pinwheel 03

Large Pinwheel 02

Large Pinwheel 01

There’s also 9 little pinwheels in the sashing.  See the close-up shots of those below.

Small Pinwheel 09

Small Pinwheel 08

Small Pinwheel 07

Small Pinwheel 06

Small Pinwheel 05

Small Pinwheel 04

Small Pinwheel 03

Small Pinwheel 02

Small Pinwheel 01

I took a few more shots at an angle to give you a better view of the quilting.

Front - Detail 06

Front - Detail 05

In the white negative space I quilted swirls and pebbles.  I tried to quilt three swirls and then three bubbles or pebbles.  It’s harder than you think to keep track of that counting when you are sometimes going to have to skip over to a different location after already quilting one or two swirls.  I think I got pretty close, though.

Front - Detail 04

Front - Detail 03

Front - Detail 02

In the printed fabric I did something different.  Some have these plume feathers (a design borrowed from Angela Walters).

Front - Detail 01

Others have a swirl (also borrowed from Angela).  Others (not shown in a close-up) have squiggles or orange-peels.

The back was fun, too.  It was pieced from different printed and solid flannels.

Back - 01

I love the way the quilting shows up on the solid flannel on the back.

Back - Detail 01

Back - Detail 02

Back - Detail 03


Size: Huge!  I don’t know the exact dimensions, but Rachel Griffith says it’s somewhere between 65″ & 70″ square.

Pattern: Pinwheel Sampler Quilt-a-long by Rachel Griffith of P.S. I quilt.

Fabric: I want to say the pinwheels are all a layer cake from Kate Spain, but I could be completely wrong on that.  Backing is various flannel pieces.  

Pieced by: Susan MacDonald

Thread: Ivory colored thread from RA in a 40 wt. I believe.

Also, worth noting… this was the first time I used my new open-toe foot.  I loved the added visibility it gave me.  I didn’t like how it would catch on thread that was already quilted.

Happy quilting!


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