A sneak peek

Here’s a little sneak peek at what I just pulled off the frame.  It’s another quilt for the Birthday Blessings, but I’m not quite ready to photograph the whole thing to share with you just yet since the disappearing ink I used to mark one block of the quilt has yet to vanish.

I did a little sketch of the quilting I was thinking of using on the quilt.

And here's the sketch that I did before I started that last quilt I posted.

And then I put it on the quilt with needle and thread.  That’s almost like setting it in stone, right?

Just finished up this little quilt.

I switched to a thinner thread on this quilt and was fighting my machine’s tension the whole time.  Hopefully I got it all sorted out and the next quilt will be a breeze.  🙂

More details and photos of this quilt coming soon.


One thought on “A sneak peek

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