Another sneak peek.

I promise I’ll get to writing posts about finished quilting project soon.  Right now, I’m focusing on just trying to crank out a few more projects before the next KCMQG meeting so I can return them.

I kind of love the way quilting ideas look when they are sketched on paper.  I think there’s something beautiful and organic about them.

Up next.

Out of all the fairly standard “modern quilting patterns” I think I like the wonky star the best.  They’re easy to make & turn out so cheerful.  The adjective that comes to mind to describe them is “spunky”.  This quilt top was made by some of my guild members for the Birthday Blessings project.

Working on quilting this one up over little mans naptime today.

I think my favorite view of the quilt when it’s on the frame is when I lay on my back under the quilt and look up at it.  The light shining through it always looks so cool.  I love how the pinholes really pop out at you when you look at it like this.  They disappear from pretty much every other angle & I think it’s really neat to see them.

What it looks like underneath.

Happy Quilting!


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