Lesley’s Local Quilt

WARNING! This post is super photo heavy.

Whole view of the top.

Lesley’s Local Quilt

I loved working on this quilt. I know Lesley spent a ton of time working on piecing the whole thing, so I wanted to really make it sing. I love how there is so much personality showing in this quilt top. You can see Carolyn Friedlander’s attention to detail by looking at how intricate each house is. You can see Lesley’s spunkiness coming out in her choices of fabric. You can also see how great of a quilter Lesley is when you look at how perfect every little detail is stitched in. I think you can see how much I loved working on this quilt when you look at what I chose to stitch into each little house.

House #1: I decided that some siding was going to be necessary for this quilt. I didn’t want each house to have the same exact thing, and the little houses down the line were begging for traditional siding, so I went with an edgier 45 degree siding for the clad on this house. It was asking me for some bubbles on the chimney & definitely needed some smoke coming out of the top. I fell in love with the wavy line quilting on this quilt and you can see it shown for the texture on this roof. Each door on the quilt has a doorknob because how else would you get in? My architecture school education tells me that I failed when I didn’t put any scale figures in, but I think that might have been overkill.

House #2: To mix it up a little, I did a wavy line cross-hatch for the roof of this little ranch home. This quickly became one of my new favorite quilting designs. Look for it to pop up soon on the services page as one of my standard designs offered. This house needed a little bit more wavy, so I threw some wavy siding up on it! If I was really good I probably would have thrown some flowers in the flower boxes. Oops! Maybe next time.

House #3: Vertical siding on this big house. The solid black fabric screamed at me for some texture. I tried to keep it simple since the overall quilt is pretty intricate, but I did quilt a few windows into the house. Scallops for the roof texture weren’t my favorite thing to quilt, but I did like the texture they added to this roof.

House #4: I think I’d probably call this house a traditional four-square.  For a traditional house, you probably need a traditional cladding, right? Well, I tweaked traditional a little bit and made it a little more random than consistent. I think the rectangular ribbons of siding work, though. It reads as a nice even texture which is what I was going for. On the roof I took a cue from the fabric choice Lesley made and did some more bubbles. Do you see the wavy cross-hatch in the yellow? I told you it is one of my new favorite quilting designs.

Houses #5 & #6: These little bungalows are adorable. I love the shot-cotton fabrics Lesley chose for them! Have you ever looked at quilting on shot-cotton before? It’s really cool the way the threads look right next to where the needle pierced the quilt. These super traditional little houses begged to have super traditional straight-line, horizontal siding and be left alone everywhere else.

House #7: This might be my favorite house of the whole quilt. It’s clean, it’s modern, and I love how the quilting turned out on it. The wavy lines for the siding I envisioned as symbolizing a stucco sort of exterior surface. A water ripple/flame sort of quilting in the upper part of the house & 45 degree straight-line quilting on the roof’s edges make for a clean house with loads of texture.

House #8: Vertical straight-lines, wavy lines at a 45 degree angle, and scallops in the roof make up the quilting on this house.

House #9: I quilted stippling in this house thinking it would represent stucco or EIFS or something like that.

Quilting - Woodgrain 01 Quilting - Woodgrain 02 Quilting - Swirls Quilting - Scallops

A few up close & personal shots of a little of the quilting. On the top row is the woodgrain Lesley requested for the grass. I probably wouldn’t have even thought to put it there, but I love the way it looks! On the bottom row is swirls that you will see over the whole quilt in the blue fabric, and the scallop roof from house #8. Don’t you just love the vibrancy of the fabric Lesley chose for the grass (where the woodgrain is quilted)? I love when there is a visual vibrancy. It doesn’t hurt that it drives my husband nuts.  😉

Back - Spiral up close Back - Spiral up close

And a couple of shots of the spirals on the back.

Did  I mention the trees on this quilt? They had to have been a pain for Lesley to piece because they were a pain to quilt. They were so thick that my hopper foot didn’t want to go over the top, but tried to just plow right through it instead. They are pretty awesome and cheerful, though. It was funny to hear Lesley and some others who have made this quilt talk about piecing them. They all disliked them, too, because they ended up so thick. Somebody made the suggestion of replacing them with a park bench or car or something. Isn’t that clever?


Can you see all the quilting on there? This is the back of the quilt. I wish there was a stitch counter on my long-arm. I’d love to know how many stitches I put into this. Wouldn’t that be kind of a neat thing to know? I certainly think so.


Size: I know I wrote it down somewhere, but I can’t seem to remember where that was.  The pattern says it finishes at 61″x72-1/4″, but I know that Lesley chose to leave off the top and bottom borders, so I’d guess it’s somewhere around 60″x60″ give or take.

Pattern: The Local Quilt by Carolyn Friedlander.

Pieced by: Lesley, The Closet Quilter

Thread: Bottom Line 60 wt. thread in a light grey.  

If you’d like to see what Lesley wrote about this quilt, visit her blog here.

I’d love to quilt another of these Local Quilts, so contact me if you have a top that you’ve spent the time making and are burned out on. I had so much fun quilting this one that I’d love to give it another go and see how two of the same pattern done in different fabrics with different quilting designs compare.

Happy Quilting!


4 thoughts on “Lesley’s Local Quilt

  1. I’m so glad you had fun quilting this quilt because I had so much fun checking out every single inch of it when I got back and discovering all of the awesome details you quilted into it. I TOTALLY LOVE IT!

    • I had a BLAST quilting it. I’m so glad you like it as much as I do. If you didn’t I’d probably have to figure out a way to swindle you out of it somehow. 🙂

  2. It’s completely gorgeous, Jessica!! Lesley’s quilt was already amazing and you really did make it sing!!
    (I just emailed you about my local quilt top–hehee!)

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