Orange + Blue Square-in-a-Square Baby Quilt

This is one of the quilts I posted a sneak peek of recently. It’s a quilt I quilted for the charity project the KCMQG is working on for Birthday Blessings.


Various people in the KCMQG made the blocks. Somebody put the blocks together to make the top & I quilted it up.

Top 01-2 Top 01

Top 02-2 Top 02

Top 03-2 Top 03

Top 04-2 Top 04

Top 05-2 Top 05

Top 06-2 Top 06

Top 07-2 Top 07

top 08-2 top 08

Top 09-2 Top 09

Top 10-2 Top 10

Top 11-2 Top 11

Top 12-2 Top 12

I used this quilt to try out a whole bunch of design ideas & practice some old favorites.

Here’s a few shots of the back of this quilt.


Size: 36-1/2″x 48-1/2″

Pieced by various people in the KCMQG

I think the tutorial used for these blocks is this one found here, but I’m not positive.

Thread: So Fine #50 – color 426

Happy Quilting!


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