Riley Blake Challenge

I finished this up a while ago.  By a while ago I mean, oh, like at least 2 if not closer to 3 or 4 months ago.  I just haven’t gotten around to posting about it.  Oops!  The submission deadline isn’t until February 17th, so I technically I’m not at the 11th hour yet.


Several months ago the Modern Quilt Guild announced a new challenge: The Riley Blake Fabric Challenge.  I love doing challenges.  I think it’s fun to work on something that has some set rules that you have to incorporate into your creation.  I didn’t have any immediate needs to make a quilt for somebody as a gift, but I did scorch a few potholders not long before and was starting to run low.  The rules for the challenge were to create anything quilted, so I made a quilted potholder!


I used this tutorial to make my own english paper piecing templates and it was super easy!  You can find my pin linking to the tutorial on my pinterest board, Quilty Goodness.  I decided to leave some off and not make an enormous hot pad, aka trivet.


Are you trying to figure out what the heck I did to bind it?  Well, this is what happened.  I quilted it up and had planned on binding it the usual way.  I started pinning binding to it to tack the front side down and thought “Screw this… this is going to take me years to do.  New plan!”  Then I got discouraged because I didn’t want to just cover the pieced backing I made with some of the other fabrics in the challenge bundle.  I decided to lay my potholder on the table, face up.  I put the solid grey on top of it and stitched all the way around it so that I had a clean stitched line on each edge.  I cut a slit in the grey fabric and flipped it around so that the grey was then on top of my backing.  Then I realized you couldn’t see most of the quilting I had just done, so I decided to quilt the outer ring of quilting again.  If you look at the front, I re-quilted (just traced right over the top of the previous quilting) the grey & yellow sections. Then I trimmed the grey so that you could see the pieced backing I did.  And then to cover my edges I used some bias tape to make the purple hexagon you see on the back.


I quilted it up on my domestic machine, because is it really necessary to quilt a 13″ pot holder on a long-arm?  Nope.  It probably would have taken longer to load it on the long-arm than it took to quilt the entire thing on my domestic machine.  I was inspired by Angela Walter’s posts about dot-to-dot quilting and thought I’d give it a try on this little project.  It’s fun and easy to do!


Fabric: Riley Blake Basics (I didn’t add anything to what they gave out!)

Size: Approximately 13″ from the outside edge of one yellow diamond acrosss the middle to the opposite outside edge of a yellow diamond.

Batting: Insulbrite!

Turns out that when you make a bunch of design decisions that aren’t necessarily completely thought through, sometimes it turns out okay in the end.

Happy Quilting!


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