Would you like 25% off?

First of all, thanks for coming to me to have your quilts quilted by me!  I really enjoy working on all of the tops that are brought to me and love seeing how you each react to what I’ve done to your project.

This is a quilt I made and blogged about a while ago. Click on the photo to be taken to that blog post.

So, on to the good stuff…  I’ve come up with a way to give back a little something to those of you who keep coming back to me for your quilting needs.  Want to take advantage?  Here’s how:

Returning customers will receive a 25% discount on quilting services on every sixth quilt!  In other words: Bring me 5 quilts and get 25% off the 6th one.  

The fine print:

*To receive the discount, your quilting bill must be more than my $40.00 minimum.  If it’s a smaller quilt that doesn’t qualify, don’t fret!  We’ll just count your smaller quilt as quilt number 1 for your next discount and the next quilt you bring back that qualifies gets the 25% off discount.

*Thread does not qualify for the discount.

*If you’ve had quilts done by me before, great!  Those count, too!

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