Quilt Con Baby Quilt

Have you noticed how “Quilt Con Colors” has become a palette used a lot by modern quilters?  Quilt Con Colors seem to be common knowledge for modern quilters, but if you don’t know what they are, visit the Quilt Con website and take a peek at their logo.  The colors used there are the palette I’m referring to.  Speaking of Quilt Con… are you planning to go?  The hubs and I have been trying to figure out how to make it work for either me to go in 2015 or all 3 of us.  We will have to see what plays out before I officially announce that I’ll be attending.  Woot woot!  Assuming it works out and I am able to go, it’ll be so much fun!!!!!

Top 01
Anyway… back to my main topic of this post.  I did the quilting on another baby quilt for the Birthday Blessing project.

Top 02
Aren’t the colors fun?  I love that mix of mostly solids and a few printed fabrics.  I wish I was better at doing that combination in my own quilts.  Jacquie is amazing at doing this sort of fabric combination.

Top 03
I thought this quilt had a lot of spunk in the piecing and din’t want to take away from that.  I chose to do an angular meander in a gold thread to let the quilt top sing.

Top 04
I think it still adds a nice texture.

Top 05
Don’t you just love that green print in the top left?  I sure do.


Approximate Size: 36″ x 48″

Thread: So Fine #50 – Color 426


2 thoughts on “Quilt Con Baby Quilt

    • Awesome! I must say… I wasn’t in love with the quilting on this one as I was doing it. I changed my mind once I pulled it off of the frame and saw the whole thing. I think this quilting is a good solution that is gender neutral, quick to do, and doesn’t take away from the piecing.

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