Clickety Clack

WARNING: Image heavy post!

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned on here before that I have a two-year old boy.  Like many other two-year old boys, mine loves trains.  He likes Thomas all right, but he really just loves anything that is train related.  He’s still sleeping in a crib and will until he attempts to climb out.  So far that hasn’t happened yet, but I wanted to be prepared for when it does.  He needed a big boy quilt for his big boy bed!

I came up with a train image based on an image I found and altered in photoshop.

iPhone 2014 108


I printed it out, taped it together, and traced it onto fusible web.

iPhone 2014 110


I put the fusible web onto the back of some solid grey kona.

iPhone 2014 120


Then I fused it to a wide white muslin.

iPhone 2014 121



iPhone 2014 125


Loaded it on the long arm and got to work.

iPhone 2014 126


iPhone 2014 128

iPhone 2014 130

iPhone 2014 132

iPhone 2014 136

Now for the finished quilt!

Front 01


The top!

Back 01


The back is a solid grey flannel.

Front 09

I wanted this quilt to have a lot of texture.  I wanted the overall image to be simple, yet graphic.  I hoped the quilting filled in the blanks for the rest of the story & I really think I nailed it.

Front 02


I quilted in tracks.

Front 03


Most of the train body is vertical lines.

Front 04


There’s steam coming out of the top.

Front 05


The “sky” is just these little swoopy things.

Front 06


This might be my favorite part of the quilt… I love the screw circle things and the way the quilting mimics the circular pattern of the front of the train.

Front 07


I put in what the light’s texture would look like.  I even quilted the screws that I didn’t cut out of the grey fabric.

Front 08


I’m really happy with this quilt.

Funny side note:  My boy LOVES this quilt.  I had a client come by to pick up a quilt I had quilted for her and my little guy was instant buddies with her.  She’s in my guild, so we were talking about the show that we have coming up and what I was putting into it.  I pulled out the train quilt to show her and my little guy went into beast mode.  We are talking full on freak out with screaming, tears, yelling, etc. because she touched it.  Once she took her hand off of his quilt, they were buddies again, but holy moly!  And then what’s even funnier is it happened AGAIN!  The same freak out when a second person came by and touched his quilt.  I think he likes it.  🙂

I mentioned above that it’s going to be in my guild’s show.  That’s tonight and tomorrow.  Details below.

Quilt Show


Designed and made by me.

Thread: So Fine #50 in a white & grey.  

Fabric: Solid white muslin & grey kona cotton on the front.  Back is a solid grey flannel.



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