Updated Services


I’ve made a few changes to this site on the Services page.  You can get to this page by clicking the link to the left or on the tab at the top of the page.  Here’s the details about what has changed:

  • The quilting design images have been updated.  Instead of showing the quilting on fabric that is a bit hard to see, I’ve changed it to show the designs in bold black & white sketches.  I think it’s a major improvement!

                  That’s the old image on the left and the new image on the right.  

  • There have been lots of new designs added.  Look for these new ones:

 Don’t worry, these designs have all been tested out on quilts.  As soon as I can catch up on things around here, hopefully I’ll be able to write some blog posts and show you how beautiful they look in thread.  I am in love with the way feathers stretched tall look when placed next to each other.  It might be my new favorite quilting design!

  • A bit of the pricing has changed.
    • Starting July 1st, I will be changing the way I charge for thread.  Instead of the current $5 per thread color per quilt, I’ll be changing that to $1.50 per bobbin used.  This will better reflect the actual cost of thread per quilt than the current way of pricing.
    • A few of the prices of all-over quilting designs have changed slightly.  Visit the services page to see the new prices.
    • I will be charging a 3% paypal fee starting July 1st.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions regarding these changes.  Most of them are minor, but still worth noting.


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