Jess Toye Studio – another blog


I’ve been busy working on some things behind the scenes lately.  I’m ready to reveal a few of them now.

Remember that blog post I did a little while ago where I mentioned I was having a solo show down in Kansas City’s crossroads for the June First Friday?  Well, it went REALLY well.  I had 1,141 visitors come in to see my work.  Since it was so well received, I’m working towards building that side of my business up a little bit.  I’ve launched a new website and etsy store!

Blast Off - Space Shuttle

You can find this new website at  Over on this new site, I’m sharing all sorts of the artsier quilts I make.

Chugga Chugga - Overall

Pop on over and see what I have that interests you.  Don’t worry, I’ll still be posting quilts on this blog.  JessToyeQuilts will remain as it has.  JessToyeStudio is where the new pictorial applique quilts will be shown.


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