Tammie’s Zippy

Do you know what’s exciting for me as a longarmer?  Seeing the quilts that I’ve worked on for other people go out into the world.  I was really excited to when Joni’s Cabbages & Roses won a ribbon at the fair.  It’s really fun now to see that Tammie’s quilt “Zippy” has gone on to become a Moda Bake Shop recipe.

Zippy 02

This wasn’t exactly a surprise to me that it was going.  I knew that from the beginning.  It’s just fun and exciting to see things like that happen for the people I quilt for.

Zippy 04

Tammie & I decided that some wavy lines would make the perfect background texture while still making the quilt nice and snuggly.  We went for the orange peel in each triangle of the zippers & I love the way it turned out.

Ziippy back 03

I didn’t realize until now that I don’t have a photo to show you of the entire quilt.  I only took up close shots of the quilting.  You’ll have to visit Tammie on her blog (craftytammie) for a photo of the whole quilt.


Quilt Name: Zippy

Pieced by: Tammie Schaffer

Fabric used: Elementary

Pattern: Zippy now available in Moda’s Bake Shop

Thread: So Fine #50 in a white to match (I didn’t write down the exact color)

Approximate Size: 47.5″x59″

Quilting Design: orange peels in zig zags, wavy lines in white.

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