Fort Firefly

Tabitha contacted me a few months before her second baby, Wren, was born.  She was hoping I could make a special quilt that would fit into the baby’s room aesthetic.  She mentioned that she had a piece by Teagan White and would like to include a piece of fabric from her Fort Firefly line.  I took one look at this line and fell in love.

Tabitha also mentioned that she had seen a link I had posted on facebook to a new quilt pattern by my friend Shea Henderson’s pattern company, Empty Bobbins Sewing Studio.  The name of the pattern is the Parallels quilt.  If you’re looking for an incredibly well-written, easy-to-follow quilt pattern, be sure to check this one out.  The photographs (by Lauren Hunt, another uber-talented friend of mine) are GORGEOUS.  And I even got lucky enough to quilt 2 of the quilts included in the pattern (Stadium Seating and Checkered Lightning).  This pattern takes a little extra attention when cutting because of the uncommon angles, but is a breeze to stitch up.

Top 01

We chose not to follow the pattern exactly.  I followed the “Slingshots” version of the pattern, but changed the placement of the fabrics.

Detail 03

I think they kind of look like frog legs.  🙂

Detail 02

I quilted this quilt using an overall design.  This wood grain is one of my favorites.

Detail 01

The solids are shot-cottons in terra cotta, dill, and squash.  I love shot cottons.  Well, maybe more than love.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them.  I love that they appear to have so much more texture to them than regular old solids.  They have a shimmer that sparkles in the light. They are so soft, too.

Detail 04

The fabric is a very whimsical, woodsy print, so the woodgrain texture I used for the quilting on this one was a perfect fit.

Label 01

I made this cute little label on the backside of the quilt.  It’s just a little piece of the main print in the quilt appliqued onto the backside of the quilt.  I signed my name and the year it was made.


Pattern used: Parallels Quilt (Slingshots version modified) by Empty Bobbins Sewing Studio

Approximate Size: 55 1/2″ x 60″

Fabrics used: Fort Firefly – Field Party & Jars (Blue), Shot Cottons – terra cotta, dill, & squash

Quilting Design: Woodgrain

Thread: So Fine #50 – Color #457

Batting: Quilter’s Dream – Dream Orient

This was a fun quilt to make & Tabitha was a fantastic client to work for.  I’ve seen photos of baby Wren pop up on facebook laying on this quilt, so I know it’s being put to good use.

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