Quilting is figured based on the per square inch price for each design.  This per square inch price is determined based upon the complexity of the design.  Visit the Quilting Design Gallery to see the designs and prices listed.

Custom quilting is priced based on the complexity of the design.  There is always a higher charge if a project involves more ruler work or threads need buried.  If the quilting specified is highly customized, the price is higher.  Discuss price of quilting with me prior to quilting.

Minimum quilting price per quilt is $50.

Additional charges for having your quilt quilted by me:

  • Thread – $1.50 per bobbin used for standard colors. Click here to see the Thread Color Chart.
  • Batting – varies by size. Click here for PDF price list.
  • Piecing backing – $10 per seam
  • Additional prep work (trimming seams, pressing quilt top or back, squaring backing, etc.) $20 per hour
  • Binding – machine sewn to the front & machine sewn to the back – $.20 per linear inch (You provide the fabric for the binding.  Please discuss with me before purchasing binding fabric to be sure you have enough for your quilt.)
  • Rush fees may be incurred if I need to slide you to the front of the queue.  Other customers have planned months ahead, so to accommodate a rush job into the schedule it will mean me taking away from time with my family.
  • Sales tax
  • Shipping costs

This is often the price formula for quilting:

length of quilt top x width of quilt top = square inch size

square inch x price per square inch = quilting cost

batting x 8.1% sales tax = battign cost

$1.5 x number of bobbins used = thread subtotal

thread subtotal x 8.1% sales tax = thread cost

Quilting Cost + Batting Cost + Thread Cost = Total Invoice

*Sometimes there are additional fees for the additional services listed above.  This would be added into the total as listed above.  Shipping is also not shown in the example above, but would be added into the total.

*The extra charges shown above may or may not apply to your quilt.  You are welcome to provide your own batting and I encourage you to prepare your quilt before bringing it to me.  See the Quilt Preparation page to make sure it is ready to avoid any of these extra charges.


Payment is due upon completed services.  I can accept cash, check, paypal, credit or debit card.  If your quilt is being shipped, payment must be received and verified before I can ship your quilt back to you.

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