Marsha’s Science Fair

I did this quilt a really long time ago… like, wordpress says I started this draft for a post a year ago.  Oops.  I’m really bad about blogging the quilts I’ve finished for others.

Top 01

I did this Science Fair quilt for Marsha.  Aren’t the colors gorgeous?

Detail 01

Detail 05

I can’t remember a whole lot of the details on this one, so it’s going to be mostly photos.

Detail 03 Back 01

The back of it is pretty, isn’t it?

Detail 06

I know that this quilt was one of the first ones I did the topography quilting on.  This may have been the quilt I fell in love with that design on.

Detail 04

Details (that I can remember):

Pattern: Science Fair by Jaybird Quilts


  • Orange Peel in many of the blocks.
  • Some blocks have stars & wavy lines.
  • Topography quilting in the negative spaces

Coming soon!


I’ll be posting as part of the From Bump to Baby Blog Hop on Wednesday, February 25th with a tutorial for a really cute appliqued baby quilt!


Come back on Wednesday, April, 8th for my stop on the Summer Dreamin’ Blog Hop to find a tutorial for another adorable applique quilt!

Susan’s Double Nine Patch

How cute is this little baby quilt?

Top 01

I’m not the official title of this pattern, but it’s a nine-patch within a nine-patch.

Back 02

This is the backside of the this cute little quilt.  I love the extra nine-patches added in the strip down the back.

Back 01

And how fun is it to see the quilting that is in line with the front side show up on the back?  I love the way it looks so linear on the back, but appears so curvilinear on the front side.

Detail 03

I can’t remember which batting we used in this quilt for sure, but I’m guessing it was a polyester.  Isn’t the puffiness fabulous?

Detail 02

Each of the nine squares in the smaller nine-patch blocks got an “X” across it. The solid squares in the bigger nine-patch blocks got a different version of the straight line quilting.  There is an “X” going corner to corner and another pair of “X’s” going from the edges of the smaller nine-patch’s seams.

Detail 01

I love the way this quilt came out.


Pieced by: Susan MacDonald

Thread: So Fine #50 – 487

Approximate Size: 41″ x 41″

Joni’s Cabbages & Roses


The was a big quilt.  It’s approximately 95″x94″ in size and made up of a ton of white space.  Sorry for the awful photos.  I have a really hard time photographing large quilts, so there’s not a ton in each photo at once.

Front -- Center

When Lesley brought this quilt to me to do for her mom, she said they wanted something similar to the way Angela Walter’s had done on the Moda Bake Shop pattern.  It’s a little intimidating to be asked to quilt something similar to Angela.  I LOVE Angela’s quilting.  I am a student in the majority of Angela’s craftsy classes.  I own most of her books (can’t wait for her latest book to get here!  I got a confirmation that it’s shipped!) and they are often the first I go to when I need an idea on how to quilt something.  It’s just a little scary when someone asks you to do something with a quilt like her because she’s SO GOOD at what she does.  I can try to replicate her work all day long and my swirls will always look like my swirls and not like she did it.  Anyway….  I did as close to the Angela version of this quilt as I could get while still making it my own stitches.

Front - Feathers

Once I got started on this quilt it was a lot of fun to do.  There were loads of white space to fill up with feathers and swirls & I hope I did it justice.


Here’s a few up-close shots of the quilting.


Pieced by: Joni Latham

Approximate Size: 94.75″x93.5″

Pattern Used: Cabbages & Roses on Moda Bake Shop

Thread: So Fine #50 – Colors #403 & #413

Batting: Warm & White

Quilting Design: Custom quilting featuring feathers in the border, shell shapes in the center blocks & ribbon candy in the red. 

And check out Lesley’s post about this quilt on instagram.  Joni entered this quilt into the North Central Kansas Free Fair and it won Best of Fair!




Around the World in 80 days

I blog on here so infrequently, that I’m not sure if I’m mentioned which of the quilting designs I like the most.


This is one of them.  It’s an orange peel design.


It works awesome on a lot of different quilts.  All an orange peel is in quilting is an arc that goes from one point of the block to the next.  Sometimes I like to throw in extra arcs to cross over the block (Remember the Red & White Quilt I did for Katie?  That’s an orange peel with some extra peels thrown in.) , but this little quilt was small enough that I thought the traditional orange peel was the right choice.


Pieced by: Susan MacDonald

Size: 38″x48″

Thread: So Fine #50 – Color #426

Batting: Mountain Mist Cream Rose – 100% Cotton Needled Batting

Quilting: Orange Peel

Ann’s Modern Patchwork Giraffe Quilt

I love the modern quilts. I love how they appear sleek and simple, but are still soft and quilty.

Top 01

This quilt was made by my new friend, Ann.  Ann & I didn’t know each other until the first time we met to exchange this quilt, but we now see each other at guild meetings & are constantly running into each other at the fabric store or other quilty places.  Aren’t quilt friends awesome?

Anyway, Ann made this quilt for to her future grand-baby who has yet to be adopted.  Lots of details about the baby are still unknown, like the gender, so the nursery theme decided upon was giraffes.

Top 03

When I met with Ann she had specific types of quilting she wanted in each area.  I think she nailed it with her choices.  I especially love how the patchwork strips turned out.  The quilting is kind of an echoed square chain.

Top 04

How cute are the animals?  Love it!

Top 02

In the main negative spaces we did a quilting texture to mirror the fabric.  It’s just a wavy line back and forth.  It added such a nice texture and Ann told me that it puffed up so nicely after being washed.

Back 01

The back had a strip of the patchwork, too.  I love fun backs, don’t you?  I like to think they are kind of a secret.


Approximate Size: 36″x 48″

Thread matched the white.  

Batting was Quilter’s Dream Cotton

I love how this little quilt went together & Ann told me her daughter-in-law is in love with it.  I hope the new baby-to-be gets loads of use out of it and has fun looking at the animals his grandma put into it for him.

Have a fantastic Easter weekend!


Quilt Con Baby Quilt

Have you noticed how “Quilt Con Colors” has become a palette used a lot by modern quilters?  Quilt Con Colors seem to be common knowledge for modern quilters, but if you don’t know what they are, visit the Quilt Con website and take a peek at their logo.  The colors used there are the palette I’m referring to.  Speaking of Quilt Con… are you planning to go?  The hubs and I have been trying to figure out how to make it work for either me to go in 2015 or all 3 of us.  We will have to see what plays out before I officially announce that I’ll be attending.  Woot woot!  Assuming it works out and I am able to go, it’ll be so much fun!!!!!

Top 01
Anyway… back to my main topic of this post.  I did the quilting on another baby quilt for the Birthday Blessing project.

Top 02
Aren’t the colors fun?  I love that mix of mostly solids and a few printed fabrics.  I wish I was better at doing that combination in my own quilts.  Jacquie is amazing at doing this sort of fabric combination.

Top 03
I thought this quilt had a lot of spunk in the piecing and din’t want to take away from that.  I chose to do an angular meander in a gold thread to let the quilt top sing.

Top 04
I think it still adds a nice texture.

Top 05
Don’t you just love that green print in the top left?  I sure do.


Approximate Size: 36″ x 48″

Thread: So Fine #50 – Color 426