Quilt Con Baby Quilt

Have you noticed how “Quilt Con Colors” has become a palette used a lot by modern quilters?  Quilt Con Colors seem to be common knowledge for modern quilters, but if you don’t know what they are, visit the Quilt Con website and take a peek at their logo.  The colors used there are the palette I’m referring to.  Speaking of Quilt Con… are you planning to go?  The hubs and I have been trying to figure out how to make it work for either me to go in 2015 or all 3 of us.  We will have to see what plays out before I officially announce that I’ll be attending.  Woot woot!  Assuming it works out and I am able to go, it’ll be so much fun!!!!!

Top 01
Anyway… back to my main topic of this post.  I did the quilting on another baby quilt for the Birthday Blessing project.

Top 02
Aren’t the colors fun?  I love that mix of mostly solids and a few printed fabrics.  I wish I was better at doing that combination in my own quilts.  Jacquie is amazing at doing this sort of fabric combination.

Top 03
I thought this quilt had a lot of spunk in the piecing and din’t want to take away from that.  I chose to do an angular meander in a gold thread to let the quilt top sing.

Top 04
I think it still adds a nice texture.

Top 05
Don’t you just love that green print in the top left?  I sure do.


Approximate Size: 36″ x 48″

Thread: So Fine #50 – Color 426


Orange + Blue Underwater Log Cabin Baby Quilt

Gah!  It’s been super crazy at my house the last several weeks.  I finished the quilt I’m about to show you in this post and returned it to Monica in mid-February.  I just haven’t gotten around to taking the photos of it off of my camera, writing about it, and sharing it until now.  Phew!  Did I mention it’s been kind of crazy busy around here?

Top 01

This quilt is another quilt that was done for Birthday Blessings by members of the KCMQG.  If you’d like to read a little bit more about what Birthday Blessings is, see my post here.  This quilt top was made of all sorts of underwater fabrics.  Do you see that little submarine in the top left?  It might just be my favorite part of the whole quilt.  

Block 01

Do you see how cute that submarine is?  I just love it.

Anyway… I quilted this one using a combination of swirls and bubbles.  I think the ration was 5 bubbles to each swirl.

Block 02

In the center of each block I quilted a little fish or two (or more than that in some of the bigger blocks).

Texture 01

I love how the quilting looks on the solid light blue block.


Blocks were made by members of KCMQG as a charity project for the Birthday Blessings program here in Kansas City.

Approximate Size: 36″x48″

Thread: So Fine #50 in gold 

I think the blocks are made from this tutorial, but am not sure.

Happy Quilting!


Bright Pink + Green Wonky Stars

This little quilt is similar to the other pink & green charity quilt I posted about a few days ago.  I also gave you all a sneak peek of it here.

Top 01

This quilt was a fun one to do.  I came up with a new quilting design I’d never seen before to try in the background.

Top 05

I started by quilting swoopy lines all over an area.  Then I echoed the lines.  And then I filled it in with a design similar to my caterpillar twist design.

Top 06 Top 04 Top 03 Top 02

I freehanded straight-line quilting through the spikes of the stars this time and did a canoe from corner to corner in the centers of each star.

Back 01

The back was a soft (in feel) flannel that was pieced with a strip of bright green printed flannel.

Back 03 Back 02

Those two photos above show the quilting on the back of the quilt.


Blocks were made by members of KCMQG as a charity project for the Birthday Blessings program here in Kansas City.

Size: 35″ x 46-5/8″

Thread: 50wt in white.

I think the blocks are made from this tutorial, but am not sure.

Happy Quilting!


Soft Pink + Green Wonky Stars

Remember the sneak peeks I was posting not too long ago?  Well, the quilt in this post was one of them shown (see this post for the sneak peek).

Top 01

I wanted to practice some paisleys before I got started on another project, so I did those in the negative space of this quilt.

Top 14 Top 13 Top 15

I love the texture they give.

Top 02 Top 04 Top 03 Top 05 top 06 top 08 Top 09 Top 11 Top 10 Top 12

Aren’t these blocks cute?  I love wonky stars.  They might be my favorite improvisational pattern to piece.

Back 01 Back 02 Back 03 Back 04

The back on this quilt was a green splotchy flannel & a pale pink flowered flannel pieced together.


Blocks were made by members of KCMQG as a charity project for the Birthday Blessings program here in Kansas City.

Size: 35″x35″

The blocks were made using this tutorial (I think).

Thread: 50 wt. in Eggshell.

Happy Quilting!


Orange + Blue Square-in-a-Square Baby Quilt

This is one of the quilts I posted a sneak peek of recently. It’s a quilt I quilted for the charity project the KCMQG is working on for Birthday Blessings.


Various people in the KCMQG made the blocks. Somebody put the blocks together to make the top & I quilted it up.

Top 01-2 Top 01

Top 02-2 Top 02

Top 03-2 Top 03

Top 04-2 Top 04

Top 05-2 Top 05

Top 06-2 Top 06

Top 07-2 Top 07

top 08-2 top 08

Top 09-2 Top 09

Top 10-2 Top 10

Top 11-2 Top 11

Top 12-2 Top 12

I used this quilt to try out a whole bunch of design ideas & practice some old favorites.

Here’s a few shots of the back of this quilt.


Size: 36-1/2″x 48-1/2″

Pieced by various people in the KCMQG

I think the tutorial used for these blocks is this one found here, but I’m not positive.

Thread: So Fine #50 – color 426

Happy Quilting!


Another sneak peek.

I promise I’ll get to writing posts about finished quilting project soon.  Right now, I’m focusing on just trying to crank out a few more projects before the next KCMQG meeting so I can return them.

I kind of love the way quilting ideas look when they are sketched on paper.  I think there’s something beautiful and organic about them.

Up next.

Out of all the fairly standard “modern quilting patterns” I think I like the wonky star the best.  They’re easy to make & turn out so cheerful.  The adjective that comes to mind to describe them is “spunky”.  This quilt top was made by some of my guild members for the Birthday Blessings project.

Working on quilting this one up over little mans naptime today.

I think my favorite view of the quilt when it’s on the frame is when I lay on my back under the quilt and look up at it.  The light shining through it always looks so cool.  I love how the pinholes really pop out at you when you look at it like this.  They disappear from pretty much every other angle & I think it’s really neat to see them.

What it looks like underneath.

Happy Quilting!