October First Friday Art Show

I’m having another show in the Crossroads Art District soon.  October First Friday is just a few days away!


If you’re local to Kansas City, come out enjoy the nice fall weather.  It should be a beautiful night to spend in the Crossroads this Friday.  I’ll be set up at 1800 Wyandotte & would love it if you’d stop by.

I have been a busy girl working on some new things to show.  I’ve made lots of bright & colorful things that will make their debut on Friday.

This trio of bright cows is wrapped up and ready to be shown off.  Stop by and see what else I’ve been up to!

Also, if you’re interested in scooping up a copy of Optical Illusions: Innovative Designs for the Modern Quilter, I’ll have copies for sale there.

Would you like 25% off?

First of all, thanks for coming to me to have your quilts quilted by me!  I really enjoy working on all of the tops that are brought to me and love seeing how you each react to what I’ve done to your project.

This is a quilt I made and blogged about a while ago. Click on the photo to be taken to that blog post.

So, on to the good stuff…  I’ve come up with a way to give back a little something to those of you who keep coming back to me for your quilting needs.  Want to take advantage?  Here’s how:

Returning customers will receive a 25% discount on quilting services on every sixth quilt!  In other words: Bring me 5 quilts and get 25% off the 6th one.  

The fine print:

*To receive the discount, your quilting bill must be more than my $40.00 minimum.  If it’s a smaller quilt that doesn’t qualify, don’t fret!  We’ll just count your smaller quilt as quilt number 1 for your next discount and the next quilt you bring back that qualifies gets the 25% off discount.

*Thread does not qualify for the discount.

*If you’ve had quilts done by me before, great!  Those count, too!

Last day of the “keep warm in the new year” sale

Contact me by midnight tonight to get a new project (or several!) on the books and you’ll get an extra 15% off your total bill.  Visit this post for the details.  Click on the Contact Me tab at the top of the page to get in touch with me about your project.

❄️ It snowed at my house last night.

Hope to hear from you soon, stay warm & happy quilting!


Let’s get 2014 rolling!

Happy new year!  Isn’t the new year a great time?  Everyone is cheerful that the calendar has flipped over to reveal a fresh start.  I’m really excited about 2014.  I’ve spent the last couple of weeks planning some new things for Jess Toye Quilts for 2014 and am really excited about what this year should bring.  I’ve got some really awesome things up my sleeve for this year that should make it a really awesome 12 months.  There’s some secrets already planned, but the thing I am most excited about this year is I have set some specific goals and laid out a schedule for myself in order to accomplish them.

Let’s get this year rolling and off to a good start.  One of my biggest goals this year is to take in more client quilts.  To make that happen I need help from you!  I need some quilts to work on, so let’s have a sale to get them coming in.  Who doesn’t like a sale?  Here’s the details:

We shall call this the “keep warm in the new year” sale.  If you contact me between now and midnight on January 13th about getting a project on the books, I’ll give you 15% off your entire bill.  That includes quilting services, thread, and any other charges related to your project.  This sale is open to new and returning customers and good on any and all projects you get on the books with me between now and midnight on January 13th.

My 2 year old keeps asking to build one a snowman today. ⛄️ But, it's really stinking cold out today and the snow is powdery.

It’s cold at my house & from the weather map I was just looking at, it appears my house isn’t the only cold place today.  Let’s warm up by starting to finish one of your quilt projects today.   Click here or on the Contact Me tab at the top of the page to get the ball rolling on your next project.

Stay warm & happy quilting!


Less than a week left on the Grand Opening Sale!

You have until the end of the month to get your projects lined up at a 25% discount.  That’s only 6 days away, so hurry!  6 DAYS!!!!!  Can you believe Halloween is less than a week away?

Visit this previous post for the details.  The short version is get your project lined up before the end of the month and I’ll do it for 25% off of the regular price.

Can’t wait to see what we can come up with together!  Happy Quilting!

G R A N D O P E N I N G!

grand opening

I’m kicking off the start of my long arm quilting business today, October 1st!  I’m excited to see what kinds of projects we can come up with together.

To get things started, all quilting services will be 25% off in the month of October!!!


Contact me this month to get your project on the books and I’ll give you 25% off of the quilting services.  All of the “extra charges” (thread, pieced backing, etc.) listed on the bottom of my services page will remain the same price.

Remember Christmas is coming and a quilt makes a great gift.  Don’t wait until December to finish all of your projects.  Get some going now!