Joni’s Cabbages & Roses


The was a big quilt.  It’s approximately 95″x94″ in size and made up of a ton of white space.  Sorry for the awful photos.  I have a really hard time photographing large quilts, so there’s not a ton in each photo at once.

Front -- Center

When Lesley brought this quilt to me to do for her mom, she said they wanted something similar to the way Angela Walter’s had done on the Moda Bake Shop pattern.  It’s a little intimidating to be asked to quilt something similar to Angela.  I LOVE Angela’s quilting.  I am a student in the majority of Angela’s craftsy classes.  I own most of her books (can’t wait for her latest book to get here!  I got a confirmation that it’s shipped!) and they are often the first I go to when I need an idea on how to quilt something.  It’s just a little scary when someone asks you to do something with a quilt like her because she’s SO GOOD at what she does.  I can try to replicate her work all day long and my swirls will always look like my swirls and not like she did it.  Anyway….  I did as close to the Angela version of this quilt as I could get while still making it my own stitches.

Front - Feathers

Once I got started on this quilt it was a lot of fun to do.  There were loads of white space to fill up with feathers and swirls & I hope I did it justice.


Here’s a few up-close shots of the quilting.


Pieced by: Joni Latham

Approximate Size: 94.75″x93.5″

Pattern Used: Cabbages & Roses on Moda Bake Shop

Thread: So Fine #50 – Colors #403 & #413

Batting: Warm & White

Quilting Design: Custom quilting featuring feathers in the border, shell shapes in the center blocks & ribbon candy in the red. 

And check out Lesley’s post about this quilt on instagram.  Joni entered this quilt into the North Central Kansas Free Fair and it won Best of Fair!